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HP Tonini


Member ID: M236488
Genres: Electronic, Hip-hop, Pop, Rap, R&B
Joined: 12 Jul, 2021
Country: United States
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I am a composer/producer looking for lyrics to be sung over my music.

Hey everyone! My name is HP. I have been producing music now for over 20 years. I went to school in Nashville, TN in 2006 for audio engineering. I own and operate Wavelength Music Group.

Dreams and ambitions:
I am all about collaborating. I would love to work with someone that loves music as much as I and is really open to experimenting and working on something that would push both of us to create something worth getting behind. I would love to find a great singer! I'm good with hooks too:)


Shock Shock

Uploaded July 17, 2021

I started this song in 2016 and completed it this year. It sat around with a hook on it and it took a trip out to Sedona, AZ for me to find the inspiration to write the verse. The energy is stupid...

My Heart (Remix) BPM 120

Uploaded July 12, 2021

This song is off of my latest studio album Home.

Pusha Baby BPM 120

Uploaded July 12, 2021

I completed this song a few years ago and plan on releasing soon. Love can be addicting.

Sample lyrics:

Artist: HP
Song: Pusha Baby
Wavelength Music Group, L.L.C.


Your my drug
That makes my heartbeat
You can make my heart beat.
Or you can make my heart...
Be my drug lord,
Always and forever.
We'll be together.
You can be my pusher, 
Push me in.


Pusher baby,
Push all on me.


Im addicted to love but your love keeps on pushing me further
and further,
and further, 
and further away.


I want you by the pound.
Everyday, all day.
Sippin' by the ounce.
Sippin' like all day.
Run me out.
Runnin' like all day.
We'll be together.
You can be my pusher, 
Push me in.



Damn you dope,
I mean you my high.
Take a hit of what you got to take flight.
You fly,
You drone,
flown like kite.
I never been so fly.