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Genres: Country, Indie, Jazz, Metal, Oldies, Pop, R&B, Rock
Joined: 30 Aug, 2019
Country: United States
Charges for services: Yes


I am an experienced music producer. I've had over 100 songs used on TV and in film. My specialty is helping songwriters and lyricists finish their songs by providing professional music and vocals. You can search Soundcloud larrymagee examples to hear more of my work for clients and some of the available vocalists - I am proficient in most genres. I charge only to $150 create a full-band, broadcast-ready, mastered arrangement of your song. If you need a vocalist, I work with many pro singers that charge approximately $100 to $169 per song, including background vocals.


Prayers and Wine

Uploaded July 15, 2021

True Love

Uploaded June 15, 2021

Indie Rock example

Vanda's Song

Uploaded June 15, 2021

Country example song

Love Like The Movies

Uploaded June 15, 2021

Alt Rock example song

The Second Time Around

Uploaded June 15, 2021

Country example song

Prayers and Wings

Uploaded June 15, 2021

Americana example song.