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I am a lyricist looking for musicians to write music to my lyrics.

Hi there I am a lyric writer with a sense of rhythm and melody.I have had several deals with publishers in England and the USA. I can also write lyrics to melodies and love to co write with others and aim to accomplish hit songs.

Dreams and ambitions:
I believe everyone has the potential to write songs that appeal to just about anyone.We all have the magic inside and I know it will happen and it would be great if you could along for the ride and achieve our ambitions together.


It’s not a crime

Uploaded September 23, 2021

Sample lyrics:

Sample from “I Believe”
Never had a chance
Couldn’t ever dance
Didn’t have the looks
Always drew a blank,
Couldn’t ever smile
Even if I tried
Head inside my books
Somewhere I could hide.

This is a chorus from the song “The Way This Story Goes”

Before you go
Catch me on the way down below
Keep me above the waves
Cause only you can save
Cause only heaven knows 
The way this story goes
The way this story goes.