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50 Theme Ideas for Your Songwriting

50 Theme Ideas for Your Songwriting

You want to write a song and you have lots of time but no ideas? Coming up with an idea for a song or lyric can prove more difficult than you think. We've compiled a list of ideas to get you started, broken down by subject area:


Love songs

  • The joy of finding new love
  • The pain of a recent break up
  • The suffering of a relationship you can't get out of
  • Jealousy over a former lover being with someone else
  • Unrequited love for someone you can't have
  • Interference from someone else into your relationship
  • A description of your physical attraction to another
  • Your dreams for the future of your relationship or future partner
  • Your disgust at love and all that it represents
  • Your hatred for other happy couples
  • How you don't understand your partner
  • Reminiscing over a former lover
  • The love you have for your mother or father
  • Your feelings towards someone who has lied to you
  • Your plan to break up with someone
  • The distance between you and a lover
  • Telling someone you love them
  • Your description of someone you admire
  • The enjoyment you get talking to someone
  • The monotony of your relationship
  • Your apology to someone
  • Your desperation for someone
  • The virtues of the person you love
  • How you'll always be there for someone


Your life

  • Your love for a town, city or country
  • Your love for a season or a country scene
  • Your love for an animal/bird/natural object
  • The wishes for your future
  • The story of your life
  • The lessons you have learnt
  • Your admiration for a famous person
  • A story about a person you once knew
  • How a stranger has affected your life
  • Your longing for freedom
  • The story of your travels
  • Your failures
  • Your home
  • A cry for help
  • Your recovery from a setback
  • Illusion and deception
  • Your descent into despair
  • Your hatred for someone
  • Some advice you are able to give


Topical/political songs

  • Your comments on the latest news
  • Your protest about a current war or other negative event
  • Your take on the nature of society
  • How you don't understand why certain people have done certain things
  • The different sides of an argument
  • Your religious views or your love for god or other spirituality
  • How history is repeating itself

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