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Joined: 7 Jan, 2021
Charges for services: No


Hi! MY name is Marlena and I am a singer/songwriter/performer. If you need someone to collaborate with that will write and sing on your instrumentals, or are looking for a fresh new artist to sign to your label, I'm your girl. In two short years I have accumulated over 100,000 streams across all platforms including Youtube and features for other artists. My prices depend on the project, and how much you need accomplished in regards to recording mixing and mastering. My contact email is Looking forward to working with you!

Dreams and ambitions:
My dreams are to perform in the Super Bowl and collaborate with some of the greats! I would like to be financially free doing what I love, and heal the world with sound. It would bring me great honor to be able to give back to my community.

Sample lyrics:

Its hurting me,
every single time I have to see you like this
It just wasn’t meant for me
Never want to live my life with regret 
When we fight, get upset, I’m a mess
It’s killing me
You’re the reason that my heart would skip a beat
Now it bleeds
No, I didn’t mean to leave you like this
but I have to be alone,
On my own
No more picking up the phone 
Baby please don’t call..
Baby please don’t call

Jealousy got the best of me
And I put you through hell
And honesty means everything to me
And honestly, i wasn’t being true to myself
I needed help
Could barely breathe, it was me
Had no reason to believe, and I wasn’t doing well
So you had to let me go 
On your own 
No more picking up the phone
Baby please don’t call!
Baby please don’t call..

I couldn’t let it out, so 
I had to hold it in
Around in circles here we go again
I tried my best to tell you 
You weren’t hearing it 
This broken house was not a home!
It’s killing me every single time I have to see you like this
It’s hurting me, but it has to be
No need for one last kiss
Cuz one takes over me, 
Then i can’t leave, 
So a cycle begins, and we go around again
So we have to let it go
On our own 
No more picking up the phone 
Baby please, don’t call
Baby please don’t call
Baby please don’t call
Baby please, don’t call
Baby please, don’t call