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Genres: Pop, R&B
Joined: 14 Apr, 2021
Charges for services: No


I am a singer songwriter with a inclination to R&B, pop,sometime I do Afro beat, I am looking for any avenue to showcase my talent, I am open to writing songs for free only if credits would be given to me. PS: you can also reach me on my e-mail:

Dreams and ambitions:
To be signed to an international music distribution company. I dream of one day touring and performing all over the world, collaborating with established musical acts , I also hope to expand my knowledge of other music genres.

Sample lyrics:

Before we met my life was black and white 
But now I see colours 
I see colours 
Even every single day I feel this overwhelming happiness
That got me thinking maybe am insane 
But my heart says i am madly in love with you.
Cause you're making me smile............