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Genres: Country, Pop
Joined: 12 Aug, 2020
Charges for services: No

I am a songwriter looking to collaborate with other like-minded songwriters.
I am a lyricist looking for musicians to write music to my lyrics.

Rebloom Music is the creation of Hampshire based lyricist Sam Gallimore who draws inspiration from personal experience to evoke the art of storytelling through music. Empowering and inspirational, Sam’s lyrics combine a fusion of Country mixed with Folk and Pop. Sam grew up in Manchester and North Wales on Motown and 80s and 90s music when there was a shift in music. “I remember listening to Gladys Knight and the Pips with my parents and Five Star with my brother. I knew then at an early age that music feeds the soul. There’s no better feeling!” Combine a love for writing and Rebloom Music was born. Sam has already gained recognition for her song writing talent. A Commended Entry and Four Stars for 3 set of lyrics in the UK Song Contest 2020! A Producer seeing “potential” in Rebloom’s lyrics also lead to DiDs Music supporting the next adventure in Sam’s packed notebook of lyrics. Rebloom Music’s debut track “Stars” featuring DiDs Music is out now across all music platforms! If you fancy checking out Sam’s social media – you can find them here @rebloommusic and to find out more you can visit

Dreams and ambitions:
I would love to collaborate with like minded artists who want to make music. Collaborating with other artists is good for the soul and creativity is a good thing. Knowing people have heard my lyrics is a brilliant feeling and makes me more driven to succeed in the industry.


Uploaded June 13, 2021