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Genres: Electronic, Indie, Jazz, Metal, Oldies, Pop, Techno
Joined: 12 Oct, 2019
Country: United Kingdom
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I am a lyricist looking for musicians to write music to my lyrics.

I am a full time employed in Warehousing but have always enjoyed writing. I have some examples of my work should you wish to see such as poems and lyrics. Been writing for a few years now and I think you will be impressed if you "Take A Chance On Me"

Dreams and ambitions:
Always dreamt of working in the music industry. Visited Sound Engineering Colleges in Liverpool but fell into Warehousing by accident. Still fascinated by Sound Engineers and their role. Been in debt most of my life but finally got out of it. Time to try again?

Sample lyrics:

Here is an example of an abstract work I did for someone but I can write in many styles:

The right to life
A fountain binds
A tether still aglow
You’ll Let it grow

You’ll find my soul
An eyrie though
And there the stain erodes
Then let it go

A righteous call
To unll
And then enthrall

A blindless walk
To all my love
A fairness though thereall
Reminds us all

She wind up fair
An endless affair
A mire still to crawl
To let it go

A finite burn
Your own to stare
Admire and go