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CW Wisdom

CW is a:

Member ID: M247351
Genres: Country, Oldies, Pop, Rap, Rock
Joined: 17 Aug, 2021
City: St. Helena Island, SC
Country: United States
Looking For: Musicians, Singers, Producers, Composers
Collaboration Goals: Mainstream release, Sync placement
Charges for services: No
Successful Collaborations: 6

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I'm a lyricist looking for musicians to write music to my lyrics.

I am retired and enjoy writing song lyrics across a range of genres. I also enjoy being able to advance the careers of talented people. I am looking for passionate artists who can craft my lyrics into beautiful songs and make their music endeavors blossom to the fullest extent of their dreams.

Dreams and ambitions:
First, I want to test whether there is interest in developing my lyrics into popular songs. If my lyrics are a match for a musician/producer, then assist them in creating truly memorable music.

Sample lyrics:

"Not long ago we sat hand in hand, waiting for the movie show
While I daydreamed about you and I, together growing old

But now our painted sunrise across the blue, has forever faded into a starlit hue
Each daybreak without you, my tears gently rest on our pillows just as the morning dew"

We loved taking those long rides, along meandering country roads
But how I survived that day, is a mystery that I’ll never know

Eternity now haunts me, with each passing sigh
As I struggle to understand, not how but why?

For living life without you, is not living life at all
I would have gone with you, if I could have made the call

From "Love Gone By"  © C.Wisdom 2021

"In a panic I awake 
Once again in a sweat
Tears flowing
Full of regret

Alone in the dark
Destitute of friends
Still craving the sweet
To the bittersweet end"

From "Love Afflictions"  © C.Wisdom 2021

"We’ll have a drink and perhaps a second round
When at last our wings touchdown
With our heads still in the clouds, but our feet back on the ground
We’re singing songs and dancing . . . Taking-out the town!
For tomorrow into heaven, once again we will soar
Pushing Mach one, racking-up another score

Yeah, She’s a fighter pilot
Together we live or die
Taking no prisoners
We dominate the sky"

From "The Devil & Checkmate"  © C.Wisdom 2020

"Don’t shed a tear for this outlaw my dear
It is the life I chose
Always knew good times don’t last
For an outlaw living life on the lam
You may be surprised, not seeing life through my eyes
But I’d do it all over again
Yes, I’d do it all over again"

From "Interview with an Outlaw"  © C.Wisdom 2021

You wouldn’t know me
If you saw me
You couldn’t find me
In the crowd

I’m so normal
Yes, I’m normal
I’m just normal
Up to a point

After a while of simmering
That’s when I normal out
My blood begins to boil
Then evil stalks about

When I get that blood fever
It goes deep into my head
It’s something I can’t stop
It’s something to be dread"

From "Normal Up to a pOINT"  © C.Wisdom 2021