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David Phillips

David is a:

Member ID: M273014
Genres: Country, Indie, Pop, Rock
Joined: 22 Nov, 2021
City: Crewe
Country: United Kingdom
Looking For: Songwriters, Composers
Collaboration Goals: Publishing deal, Sync placement
Charges for services: No
Experience: Intermediate


Hi, I am a songwriter composer looking to work with similar people. I play guitar, bass and keyboards. I use cubase for recording, superior drummer, Ezdrummer for drum's and percussion and lots of on board gear. I am looking to work with other musicians both with my song's and on yours. I have no intention of working live anymore. (Too old) I mainly want to write for other artists or TV in all styles and I'm wanting a publishing or management deal. It's not just the writing, that's straight forward, it's wanting to work with someone who is prepared to push this stuff out there. Although I thoroughly love working on track's my ultimate goal is to make money from the songs.

Dreams and ambitions:
Success! It's the ultimate goal. I really believe that if you try hard enough something will give. I would rather try and fail than to do nothing. The writing is the fun and the pushing is the challenge.