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Roger King

Roger is a:

Member ID: M266477
Genres: Country, Indie, Pop, Rock
Joined: 26 Oct, 2021
City: Geelong
Country: Australia
Looking For: Musicians, Singers, Producers
Collaboration Goals: Mainstream release, Independent release
Charges for services: No
Successful Collaborations: 1
Experience: Beginner

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I'm a lyricist looking for musicians to write music to my lyrics.

To put it simply,music has been my passion since 1965 and i feel soooo lucky to have come through the golden era of pop and rock. Great lyrics, music and melody that give's you goosebumps and make's you misty eyed, There's not much better feeling. It gives me great pride that i took up the challenge to be a lyricist after thinking for a long time, " yeah me write song lyrics who do i think i am" i found you can lose yourself in a very unique world where your thought process is vastly different to every day life. My Great Inspirations are The Moody Blues,Suzanne Vega, Enya,Vanessa Carlton, Avril Lavigne, Pet Shop Boys, Dido and Benee. As you can see, an incredible array of quality singer songwriter's spanning 1962 to 2022. ( 60 years). Now after several months i have written some pieces that are very unique and i am very happy with them. I recently entered 2 prominent competitions in Australia, got amazing feedback and 1 of my writings has been shortlisted to go to the next stage.Now even more so i just want to write and write, I feel being able to draw on my experience's of the last 61 years and tap in to an abundance of emotions, i have a lot to offer. Can't write a note of music, ( or sing ) but i look forward to joining up with those who can.

Dreams and ambitions:
i am looking to collaborate with musicians who can identify the feeling in my lyrics, be really inventive and create a stunning melody, also singer's, who can also grasp the emotion of the words and leave their stamp on them. I have heard hundred's of great song's brilliantly written, mixed and sung, it would be a life's achievment to get a little piece of that and think.... wow.... i'm partly responsible for that, at the moment it's a feeling i can only guess at. Overall to collaborate with artist's who want to work as a team, bounce ideas of each other, and make a great song is the ultimate aim.Together then as a team......we all get our championship ring.

Sample lyrics:

 A sampling of a fun piece i have titled....."Any Excuse".... about a girl growing impatient with a guy who won't commit to a relationship.

Verse 1.

🎼 So cool finding out about a guy
I always like that bit at the start.
Then it builds, i like him.... does he like me??, getting that good impression in my heart.
First date goes great then the second and the third were away.
Then all of a sudden he's putting things off.... "another time", " not right now".
Looks like he's finding any excuse to.......

........ not see me, not go out and put a hold on things for a while.
No time for that, your with the right one i'm fun, i'm free you'll be going in style.     ..........