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Verse-Chorus aims to bring songwriters together from across the world.

Verse-Chorus is a platform developed and managed by a very small team. We are looking for help to grow the platform, both in terms of development and also marketing and promotion.

It takes a lot of hard work making everything run smoothly and, at the same time, interact with members and constantly look for ways to develop the site.

This is where you can come in, help shape the future of the platform, and be part of maximising the potential it has. Together we can make Verse-Chorus the go-to site for all collorators worldwide. Your sponsership will enable us to increase our marketing across all socia media, to actively promote the site and increase membership which, in turn, will enhance the opportunities for yourself and fellow members to collaborate with more like minded musicians.

What are the benefits for you?

Your name on the sponsors thank you page

A direct way to contact our team to discuss ideas

Monthly updates on progress and new sponsorships

Regular group communication stream and possible zoom calls to discuss ideas

How will your sponsorship support us?

Developing the website with new features and tools

Advertising around the web, social media, mailshots etc.

Research into ways to grow membership

Will sponsors be shareholders?

Sponsors will not get a stake or share in the business, it's more of a donation and a way to help us grow.

Help us grow

Use the PayPal Donate button below to sponsor us. Thank you so much!