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Experienced Lyricist seeks Collaboration

POSTED ON 7 NOV, 2021 by Ossie

Songwriter for others, looking for

β€œWrote this song lyrics that we strongly believe 100% would be ideal for Lionel Ritchie. The song title: TOOK YOU FOR GRANTED Took you for granted / Now I'm lost without your love to comfort me / You meant so much to me / My whole life's shattered / You're my everything / You are my destiny / You're still a part of me... My world keeps turning upside down... / Simply cause, you're not around... / Though I try to hold on strong... / I must confess / Girl I did you wrong / Took you for granted Took you for granted Now I need your love I need you desperately Feels like I'm fallin' So I ask you babe I'm on bended knees.... Memories of you I can't erase When I close my eyes I see your face.... There's no other love to take your place Cause without you girl My precious pearl My life's just an empty space.... Never believe...girl / You'd leave me broken hearted πŸ’” / Never believe... girl / You are all I ever wanted / But I must confess.... / Girl I did you wrong...Girl I did you wrong / Took you for granted.... BRIDGE: Loss without your love has left me empty... A feeling that I cannot live again... I cry each night Tears never healed the pain Girl I need to have you with me... I'm to blame Took you for granted / I realize / I apologies / Girl I must confess / Girl I did you wrong / Girl I did you wrong..... / Took you for granted SPOKEN: I'm sorry...and I love you... Oooooo oooooo Copyrights protected Oct-22-2021 written by Osbert Whitfield Smith and Ambrozine Lascene Smith MMMP All rights reserved ”

Ultimate member

Cyber Punk

POSTED ON 7 NOV, 2021 by Ossie

Songwriter for others, looking for

β€œ *CYBER PUNK* Cyber Punk rocks hard Cyber Punk is here Come on everybody love Cyber Punk We gonna have spunk In here.... We gonna have spunk with Cyber Punk Take me in your arms tonite Take me in your arms tonite Take me in your arms Take you for your charms Gonna... Take you in my arms tonite Don't let this song control ya As we rock here on Neptune We know da beat is hard It's gonna get to ya As we dance all nite till noon On a very cherry bright full moon.... Take you in my arms tonite Take you in my arms tonite Cyber Punk is here Rock with Cyber Punk Take you in my arms It's Cyber Punk The party's right up in here We living in the year 3000 All Cyber Punk fans - having fun Hoover Boards floating everywhere There's hulk and Spider Man Robots control the town This New Age thing You ride the wind Spaceships flying all around While... Cyber Punky rocks hard Cyber Punk is here Come on Everybody loves Cyber Punk We gonna have spunk As we funk with Cyber Punk Cuz Cyber P's up in here Cyber P. P. P. P. P Cyber P. P. P. P. P Say Cyber Cyber P and P for Punk Everybody go Go go go go go go Every body say go go go go Go Cyber go Cyber go Cyber Go Cyber go Cyber go Cyber It's Cyber Punk You like Cyber Punk You love Cyber Punk Till we get drunk And we need us Drunk on Cyber Punk Cyber Punk. Cyber Punky Cyber Punk. Cyber Punky Huh... hunky hunky hunky hunky hunky HUNK Cyber Punk. Cyber Punk Cyber Punk. Cyber Punk It'd da New Age craze Here in outer space With Cyber Punk Meet ... Cyber Punk Greet ... Cyber Punk The New Age craze Blast da Air Waves Bring joy to your face Cyber Punk Cyber Punk is here Cyber Punk Cyber Punk Cyber Punk ( Song fades ) Copyrights protected Nov-01-2021 Osbert Whitfield Smith and Ambrozine Lascene Smith MMMP All rights reserved”

Ultimate member

Songwriter for others, looking for

β€œMy name is Ossie Smith from the Cayman Islands. I am a very talented and gifted lyricist. I started writing songs from 1985 and can write a complete original top standard / hit potential song in 5 mins. I rap and sings but not professionally. I have lots of Studio recording experience, performed and recorded dozens of songs, most aired on local Cayman Radio stations. I don't play any musical instrument so I always seek and land top quality musicians to collab with as a song writing team professionally to put out commercial hit songs. I will work with song lyricist also, to collab and assist by us sharing knowledge, experiences and skills to assist each other amicably. We all learn from each other unselfishly as we strengthen our skills during the process. Collaboration is the key and vital to making hit songs. I could hear the melody and arrangements in my head for every song lyrics I writes but I'm always open to musicians input and critique first in order to avoid boxing them in with my melodic instrumental ideas of my own initially. I think it is best to always keep things professional. I could hear a song's hit potential from it's embryonic stage ( instantly ) so if a song is not working...or seem it has very little potential, it is best to move on to the next project and not waste time with what isn't working. Keep songs simple and catchy. It is my experience laced opinion that a world full of production from Quincy Jones with all the bells and whistles won't make a hit if that basic simplistic, catchy potential isn't there from the initial stage. Some lyrics simply need a re-write or editing. ”

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I just heard one of my song lyrics put to music. It is simply a thrill to hear someone else sing my words. Thank you for providing this valuable service to support the creative arts all around the world!
- David M. Murray, Providence, Rhode Island

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I was one of the early users of verse-chorus. I am a producer, specializing in helping songwriters and lyricists finish their songs by creating full-band arrangements for a small fee. Verse-chorus has helped me find several new clients. I have been very impressed with all the functionality that has been added to verse-chorus in just a few months. The adverts are easy to create and very easy to reply to, and verse-chorus keeps track of all my replies and notifies me when I get a reply back. I am on several music message boards and verse-chorus has the most complete functionality of all of them.
- Larry Magee, San Antonio, TX