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How it works

Projects is a place for you to find collaborators and work with them. You don't need to have a collaborator already. The music and lyrics you upload will only be accessible by you and the members you choose to have on the project. No other members will be able to see or hear anything.

It's easy to create a project. First, enter a title and description. Then if you have any ideas ready to upload (music or lyrics), you can add this to the project too.

When you're done, you can invite other members to join the project, or wait until members pitch to you.

Once the project is underway, members can comment on your material, download it, add to it, and upload new versions.

Here's an example:

Project example 1

There's no limit to the number of ideas you and other project members can add to the project.

Together, using our tools, you can create great songs in a collaborative way.

Pitching on a project

Any PRO or ULTIMATE member can pitch on any project. Simply browse projects and click 'Find out more' when you see a project you're interested in.

Read the project details carefully and listen to any songs or read the lyrics attached to the project. When ready, press the Pitch button to enter a short descrption of yourself.

The project owner will see a list similar to the one below. They can choose to accept or reject your pitch. If accepted, you'll be able to take part in the project, upload music, add lyrics and chat with the other project members.

Project example 2