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POSTED ON 19 NOV, 2021 by Heather Lydia
EXPIRES 19 FEB, 2022

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10 Ways to Manage your Song Ideas

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I just heard one of my song lyrics put to music. It is simply a thrill to hear someone else sing my words. Thank you for providing this valuable service to support the creative arts all around the world!
- David M. Murray, Providence, Rhode Island

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I was one of the early users of verse-chorus. I am a producer, specializing in helping songwriters and lyricists finish their songs by creating full-band arrangements for a small fee. Verse-chorus has helped me find several new clients. I have been very impressed with all the functionality that has been added to verse-chorus in just a few months. The adverts are easy to create and very easy to reply to, and verse-chorus keeps track of all my replies and notifies me when I get a reply back. I am on several music message boards and verse-chorus has the most complete functionality of all of them.
- Larry Magee, San Antonio, TX