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Example Advert

The advert below shows an example of how to write a good advert. They have clearly choosen who they are looking for and you can see that lots of descriptive detail has been added. Along with clear advert text, they have covered musical background and ambitions, as well as extra important details like genres.

More details

I'm a very ambitious, motivated and passionate songwriter who has studied music and songwriting at Five Towns College in New York. After graduating, I played in several live bands, performing all over the area. I have since settled in New Jersey and write songs for local artists and New-York based musicians. My aim is to find a balance between beautifully crafted lyrics and timeless melodies, and collaborate with other like-minded singers and songwriters. I have my own company - Bold Studios, and I have a team of producers and mixing engineers who help me get the music in front of major artists and labels.

I try to find variety and diversity in my songwriting in order to stand out from all the other tracks available to labels and publishers. My training has given me a full understanding of song structure and the techniques required to create a hit song.
I look for 50:50 % split when collaborating.

My preferred contact method is email or video chat.

Genres: pop, rock, country.